Scuba Diving is so much more thrilling than you can imagine. It is not about just swimming with the creatures under the sea; you get to explore a lot of things and see a whole new world under the waters.


The following are some of the things you can do only while scuba diving:

Immerse yourself in history:

There are lots ship wreak sites you can explore. Many ships have sunk under the sea due to cyclones, attacks by an enemy ship or airplanes in the world wars. When you dive deep into the waters, you get to explore all these vessels which got sunk many years ago. Dive sites like Thistlegorm in the Egyptian Red Sea have a brilliant shipwreck site where you will be able to see all the cargo that was carried by the vessel during the World War II. It is incredible to see all the motorbikes, trucks, train carriages and riffles under the water.

Exploring blue holes:

Blue holes are usually set in open water. They look brilliant from the surface, and the impressions which you can see is continued for more than 100 feet. It is a great experience when you get to descend into blue darkness.

You can finally go face to face with a shark:

Sharks are brilliant animals, their jaws and ability to sense things are excellent. There are many dive sites where you can see sharks. Some of the sites are Galapagos, the coast of Mexico, Florida, etc.  It might be a little scary at the beginning, but once you have achieved it, you feel a lot better about yourself.

Join a school of fish:

We all must have seen a school of fish on the television and thought that it was terrific. But when you look at them in real, the experience is unimaginable. You need to be very careful while getting near the fishes as they scare off easily.

Get to experience the thrill of a night dive:

As the light from the ocean sets into the ocean floor, the plankton gets attracted towards the light. Sometimes it gets dark, and you might get a little tense, but it is such a joy and relief when you see manta rays soar past the dive lights.

Finally get that jetpack you have always wanted:

When we were little, we always dreamed of having a jetpack and have the ability to move everywhere in no time. When you dive into the sea, you are given the jetpack you have always dreamed of, and it is so much fun to have it.

Perform underwater tricks:

When you break open an egg under the water, you will be surprised to know that the yolk does not mix with the sea water and you can bounce it around with your hands.  Some other tricks like water skiing upside down, hovering like a genie and many other things can be done.