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Best Indoor Activities to Creatively Fight Boredom

Bad weather, darkness and winter bring people indoors far longer than they want. To amuse themselves, people got creative in making games and other activities to respond to the depressing situation. The skills needed to play these games and other activities are at times low but they can also require a great deal of skill. Following are some of the best indoor activities adults resort to or mothers present to their children to keep them at bay. 

• Card Games. The games are played with a deck of 52 cards of 4 suits. The suits are spade, heart, diamond and club. Ace is the highest ranking followed by the royalty cards and then by the descending number cards.  The more popular card game is trump and trick where one set of suit is designated as the trump which could beat all the other suits. The highest card wins each round or trick and if a player does not have the same suit taking the lead, the one with the higher trump suit wins. The player with the most number of tricks won is the winner of the game.

• Board Games. Board games are won by chance, luck, some amount of skills or a combination of any of these. With race games, like snakes and ladders, winning is by chance. The result of throwing a numbered dice is beyond the control of the players. Example of a board game of luck and skills is Monopoly. Even if the outcome of the dice is by pure luck, the skill of players determines a win. War games, which are won by the ability of the players to make advantageous moves, involve capturing of the opponent’s pieces. Chess is an example of a war board game.

• Video Games. The advent of technology has made it possible for game developers to create new games left and right on a regular basis. There are so many video games these days, so it wouldn’t be difficult to look for a game that you can play during your downtime indoors. One such game is “Fortnite”, which is fast becoming a favorite among gamers. There are even “Fortnite” coloring pages available online, which are so fun to color, so make sure to check it out.

• Tabletop Games. These indoor games are played on large flat tables with varying number of balls. A win is achieved by a player who has the highest score or who reached first a pre-agreed score.  Examples are billiards and pool.

• Indoor Sports. Nowadays, outdoor sports are played indoors in various indoor sports complexes. Inside these structures are large and grassy-like turf fields where outdoor games like baseball, softball, rugby, football, lacrosse and many others are played.

• Puzzles. Cognitive and problem solving games are both for children and adults. They take on creative forms, the most basic of which are a picture on sturdy cardboard cut and mixed for solving. Adult and children alike have problem solving puzzles at various degrees of competence.

Winter and bad weather need not put parents and kids or adults at wits’ end while cooped inside. The best indoor activities are too many to fill up those trying times. Sometimes, creativity will generate more activities.