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Cleaning Services Logo Design Ideas

A logo is very beneficial even for small businesses that offer cleaning services. You will notice that all serious companies that deal with cleaning have logos that distinctively identify their brands. A logo helps to show that you are a well-established and professional company.  This article will discuss some of the traits that you should use on the logo of your cleaning services company for effective marketing.

Choose appropriate images to use on the logo

Most cleaning businesses use graphics for their logos because people can easily identify them through that. There are common themes that are used by most cleaning companies; on their websites and social media pages. Most companies have common symbols that they use on their logos. Images of bubbles help to create an impression of water and soap.  You will also find logo designs that use images of cleaning equipment like brooms to show the nature of service the company provides.

You should break out of the above listed graphic designs if you want your logo to stand-out. You can design a more abstract logo which can be versatile enough for future diversification of the business to other cleaning niches.

Choice of color

You should avoid using dirty looking colors on your logo. It is advisable to use blue or its shades to design your logo because it represents cleanliness. You can also use green if you wish to show that your company is conscious about environmental friendly measures in cleaning. Make sure you have a look at some house cleaning business logo ideas before you consult with a graphic logo designer.

Appropriate font to use

There are many fonts used to create logos. You should get a good designer that can work well the different fonts to come up with a good logo. The type of font used has the ability to communicate a given message just like a symbol does. You should go for a font that compliments the other aspects of your logo and one that is easy to read.

Originality of the logo

The logo you choose should be created out of your own original content. This will give it uniqueness in the market.

Give a good brief to your designer

It is important to get a custom made logo. This allows you to give more suggestions during the process of creating a logo hence you’ll be more satisfied with the final design. The form you fill when giving the details about your cleaning business should be extensive enough to guide your designer. Ensure that you provide information about the market your cleaning company will serve and the type of cleaning services you offer so that the logo designers can create a logo that represents exactly that.

Also take note of the designs of logos being used by other cleaning companies. You should then pick a logo design that has not been used by another cleaning company. This will help customers to easily differentiate your company from others in the same industry.

There are many cleaning companies that offer quality services. You should therefore put more effort in branding your company so that you can attract more customers and using a great logo is one sure method to achieve exactly that.