Useful Hammock Safety Tips for Children

Hammocks are fun to use for both adults and kids; however, this harmless-looking object can cause mild to severe types of injuries for several reasons. One of the most common types of hammock-related-accidents is falling out of the hammock that is hanged too high above the ground.

Another is getting your kids stuck in the hammock, especially hammocks that are made out of net or ropes. Accidents such as getting your kids entangled on a larger type of hammock can be considered as life-threatening. 

If you want to keep your child safe while he or she is on the hammock, here are a few useful hammock safety tips to take note:

Tip #1: Never hang the hammock too high

It is never advised to hang a hammock higher than 2 feet from the ground, especially when there are kids that will be using it too. Instead, hang the hammock low to the ground. Also, if you are planning to hang the hammock outside and from a tree, make sure that the ground is not rocky or above an inclined terrain. The ground should be flat, grassy, or without any rocks below the hammock. Additionally, secure the hammock using sturdy tree hugger straps; remember that kids are quite playful even when they are in the hammock.

If you want a more detailed discussion about how to hang a hammock from a tree with rope there are a few more useful tips at The Patio Chair’s website.

Tip #2: Teaching your kids the hammock safety tips

There are hammock safety rules that you should teach your kids; these are:

  • Not allowing them to use the hammock without adult supervision. This rule commonly heavily applies to kids ages ten and below.
  • Never allow them to jump into the hammock; instead, teach them the proper way to get in and out of the hammock.
  • Never allow them to stand on the hammock no matter how adventurous your child can be. 
  • Never allow them to get in the hammock using their feet first; this is one of the common reasons why kids would fall out from the hammock.

Tip #3: Use a family-friendly hammock

If you are planning to purchase a hammock make sure to pick a style that is family and child-friendly. Pick a hammock that is durable and solid. Avoid buying a hammock with cords, loops, nets, and holes. Most of these types can get your child stuck into it or entangled with it.

Fortunately, there are child-friendly hammocks that are sold in the market today. To find out if the hammock is worth purchasing, try to read reliable product review posts from an unbiased review and info sites like The Patio Chair.

Final Thoughts

Is buying and installing a hammock worth-it?

Yes, it is. However, because of hammock-related-accidents that were recorded these past few years, although not significant, you should purchase the right kind and style hammock that is family and child-friendly. Also, make sure to hang it as per the manufacturer’s safety instructions.